Conditional Commands

I’ve been using Mission Planner for the past six months and continue to learn. Most of my flying is from waypoint to waypoint in auto. At certain waypoints, I want to climb at that waypoint. I’ve tried using condition_change_alt numerous times with no luck. I enter a climb rate and a different alt and nothing happens. Not sure what I am doing wrong and would appreciate any insight.



I would have thought doing a waypoint that is several meters higher would do the trick. I know if you set a waypoint that is higher as it goes to that waypoint it climbs before moving on.


Hi Mike,

Thanks for the reply. Your suggestion works, but has two consequences I don’t like: 1) the direction of the copter changes as it climbs in place to the new altitude and 2) the added waypoint is masked in mission planner so it’s hard to visually validate my route of flight.

Also, I am trying to explore the capabilities of mission planner and would like to be able to use the embedded functionality.