Comunication between APM2.8 and Arduino

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to establish comunication between APM2.8 and Arduino using the Telemetry port. I’ve connected to the RX and TX properly and configured the baudrate to 57600 in both sites. I wrote a simple listen to serial using SoftwareSerial on Arduino. I’m not getting a single char from the serial port. I was expecting to get at least heartbeats.

Has the communication to be enabled somewhere? What I’m doing wrong?

Thank you in advance!

I know it the current software there is a parameter for that but it is usaually turn on. With APM 3.2.1 it maybe turned off for performance reasons.

You may need to generate heartbeats otherwise it will give up and ignore it.

I normally have a radio attached and connected to a GCS. This would make it easy to test.

I also have used a companion computer connected to serial port 2 which you do not have and was able to process Mavlink messages just like a GCS.


Thank you so much for your answer Mike! The problem is solved now! Grateful for your help!

Would you mind posting what the problem was and your fix please.

Might help others with similar issues.

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