Compliments for Hybrid Mode

I would like to make my best compliments to the developpers of Hybrid Mode .

It is 7 years that I’m dealing with multirotors and rarely I have found so much fun and pleasure flying with them as when I had use in the last two days hybrid mode with my quite large Hexa.
Even in windy condition the flight was very smooth and the reactions of the Hexa very manageable .
I would say that is a perfect mode for having fun or for video shooting.

Compliments !
Thank you !
Bravo !

Hi Luc,

It seems this page hasn’t been updated yet

Could you please tell me briefly what hybrid mode is?

Thank you

Hybrid Mode allows to fly, not just translate, in Loiter mode with wind compensation.
If I well remember the code is a combination of Loiter ad Alt hold .
The result is a flight similar to Acro mode but much much easier.
Remember that you’ll need a good Gps signal. … is-reality