Complimentary antenna tracker

Can i have antenna tracker on both ground station and on my boat so that they continuously track each other

Hello @phani_N,

Without having actually seen it in the wild, I don’t see why not. It will be just another instance of an Antenna tracker, targeting the GCS tracker GNSS coordinates with the additional feature that it will be moving. And I believe this works already when mounting the traditional tracker setup onto a moving ground vehicle.

You might want to figure out your network setup before starting the build; the onboard antenna tracker controller will also need access to the MAVLink network.

Im a beginner so can i have some help on how to do this both the antennas must direct towards each other simultaneously should i modify the firmware ?

I don’t see in the relevant documentation specific instructions for your use case.

And I don’t know off the top of my head the exact steps either.

I suggest you either wait a bit for someone else to help you here, or try in our Discord.

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Hi @phani_N
The easiest way of doing it, without the need to modify any firmware or code. Is to use a gimbal (MNT1 OR MNT2_Type) and point it to the GCS Coordinates, or use track an SYSID to track your GCS Tracker.

for such a case, i would opt for a simple PAN and Tilt servo gimbal. More info on setting it here


So the ground station antenna tracker will be tracking the moving drone and tracker on the drone will track the ground antenna

How do i set up my moving vehicles tracker ante na to follow a gps position of ground station

Thats easy,
you either:
a. right click on mission planner, point camera here
b. use a mission command as a ROI
c. use this wonderfull article for tracking another SYSID

a & b are for static cases