Complete noob given parts with no idea how to put them together

I just don’t know here to start here. I have a Y6 frame from FliteTest, put that together with no trouble, cuz there is a a video for that. For flight controller had a friend send me APM 2.8 ArduPilot Flight Controller & 6M GPS 915Mhz Telemetry & Power Module, which came with no documentation whatsoever…Radio wise I have a Spektrum DX6i with an AR6200 receiver pick up second hand.
I am a fairly handy guy. but find myself with wires and plugs that I don’t know where everything goes and there was no manual with it.
Can anyone direct me to a manual, video or anything that can can help me get all these pieces into a working unit? Unfortunately I don’t know anyone nearby who could help. I can solder, cut and screw etc…just need to know what goes where.

Thanks in advance for any help,


This maybe a good place to start:


Thanks Mike! I’ll get at it