Complete Autopilot Kit- Cube Orange-LIDAR-RFD900-RTK GPS Etc

Hey everyone, I have complete autopilot kit for sale!

Everything here is LIKE NEW and only connected for a proof of concept prototype for my senior design project for university.
Everything works perfectly, and was purchased from IRLOCK in October of 2021.

I spent over $1400 on it all; I am not expecting to get my money back and I am willing to negotiate and make a deal, I am open to offers! The prices on the photo are NOT my asking prices, that is just my order confirmation to shown all that I have.

If you have any questions please let me know, feel free to message me. Thank you!

Cube Orange Standard Set (ADS-B Carrier Board) × 1
Here 3 & Here+ RTK Base (M8P) Combo × 1
Benewake TF03 LiDAR Rangefinder (180m) × 1
RFD900 TXMOD V2 × 1
RFD900x Telemetry Modem × 2
AeroLink RFD Adapter Board × 1
HereFlow Sensor × 1
Airbot Power Distribution Board 180A - X8 × 1
Power Brick Mini × 1
RFD900 to Pixhawk2.1 Telemetry Cable - 300mm × 1
RFD900 USB FTDI Cable × 1
Cube Standard Cable Set × 1
GPS2 Port Cable × 1

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Is the Cube Orange still available?

le Kit Here+ RTK Base est-il toujours disponible ?

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