I am using a APM2.5 on a quad and compassmot seems to keep failing.

It ask me “did I raise my throttle high enough?” I tried multiple times and still not working for me.

Any suggestions?

did you have props attached?
compassmot doesn’t work unless there is a normal amount of current draw.

I flipped each prop over and rotated them one to the right. Went into CLI selected setup then compassmot. Ran the motors at 50 -75% Throttle for 5-10 seconds and kept getting the same results “Failed”

I am having the same problem with a new build. All I get is failed when I throttle up and run it for 5 seconds…

Gave up on the Compassmot fixed my issues with running an external mag. No need once I had that in place. Another thing I think my APM2.5 was in bad shape. I had a crash the other day because the APM thought it was rolling over but it was still flying level. Chucked that thing and went to the Pixhawk.