Compassmot will not start

I am trying to run compassmot but when I click start, nothing happens. Any ideas? Thanks

Are you running the qgroundcontrol? Sometimes it does that.

No, mission planner. Can it be done in QGC?

Yes it can be done in qgc also. Maybe you could try it. Also what ESC are you using? 4 in 1? Or individual? If you use dshot ESC you could try the AUX channels and then try using blheli

Same thing in QGC. I click start and nothing happens. Throttle does not work. I even tried the motor test from another instance of MP and it doesn’t recognize any throttle/current etc. Just does nothing.

Yes I am using a 4in1 blheli esc using pwm.

It’s pointless to attempt to run Compassmot if the Motors don’t run in Mission Planners Motor Test.

They do run in test mode. What I meant was, I had QGC open in compassmot and the throttle would not activate so I ran the motor test in MP (from my controller) and they spin fine but the compassmot window still doesnt register anything.

Do you have voltage and current monitoring configured and working?
I’m not sure of that prevents the compassmot routine from working, just checking…

Yes. I get voltage and current in my log files and on my osd as well as in MP real time.

Do you think you could post some pictures for us? I wanna see how you wired up your 4 in 1 ESC and that there no shorts. Where are you pwm signals going? Did you separate all of them out?

I can but the aircraft flies and records current and voltage with no issue. The only thing is that comoassmot never does anything when I click start. No messages, no tones from the ESC The latter I don’t expect really because it tones fine when battery is applied and motors spin fine when armed. I will make a video and share.

Okay how about you just adjust the motor settings on BLHELI configurator instead of relying is MP. Also if you don’t mind posting pictures of your build that would be really cool. I have not seen other people use 4 in1 ESC haha