CompassMot not running at all, unable to disarm


I’d like to run the CompassMot feature within QGC. I’ve tried various setups as described further below. The result is the same:

  • The CompassMot screen seems to be stuck (see pic below) although the unit is responding to throttle increase/decrease
  • I’m unable to disarm the drone unless I just power off everything

These are the setups I tried:

  • QGC at the Herelink controller and running CompassMot from there.
  • QGC on a laptop to initiate CompassMot while running QGC at the Herelink controller for throttle.

Am I missing something? Thank you for your help!


Use the Magfit Webtool.

Sounds good Dave. Thank you.

It would also be nice if CompassMot could be used to start with better parameters prior to MagFit.