Compasses not found


I am testing a Matek-H743 Slim + Matek GNNS M9N-5883 and I do not find the way to setup because compasses.

I just update to latest fw 4.1.0 as recommended by Matek but no way. That is what I get in Compass Setup page:

It looks like no compasses are found.

2021-03-11 23_06_55-Window

Definitely it can’t find them

Have you got the I2C wires connected correctly?
The GPS uses the serial TX/RX wires and the compass is on the I2C interface.

Well, I don’t know how, but now a compass is detected. I was surprised to read that there is no compass in this FC, so there is no way to configure it until you have run the GNSS module.

2021-03-12 10_20_36-Window

Neither the ICM-20602 or the MPU6000 have a compass.