Compasses Inconsistent (External Compass Orientation)

Dear Community

No matter what I do I get compasses inconsistent. I would like to ask you the orientation of external compass ( HMC5883L) . My opinion just Rotation_180 ( Because compass is upside down). Thank you for your help

Schematics Here



Wiki says:

Checking Compass Orientation

Ensure your AHRS_ORIENT parameter is correct. This will ensure that your internal compass’ orientation will be correct
When rotating your aircraft through all axes each of the compasses should move in the same direction, and should be of approximately the same values
Northern Hemisphere: - Z-component should be positive - when pitching the vehicle down, the X component should increase in value - when rolling the vehicle right, the Y component should increase in value

Set all compass offsets to 0 and use ROTATION_NONE (usually this should be correct setting) for compass and check mx, my, mz values in ‘Flight Data’ -> ‘Status’ tab. Change rotation if necessary.

Thanks , I will check again @ultrafuge