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Compass Variance Error Resulting in Quad 'Drift'

(Nathan Stephenson) #1

Could anyone explain this ‘drift’ via the logs here? I was flying at ~13,000 feet elevation and upon executing an autonomous landing the quad received a ‘compass error variance’ err in the EKF tab all the way into the red at about 3-4 feet AGL. Right after this error the quad began to ‘drift’ off instead of landing in the pre-determined spot.2017-03-16 10-35-28.tlog (1.5 MB)

Any advice would be helpful! :grinning:

(Mike Boland) #2

Can you also post the .bin file from the flight controller?
It has a lot more detailed information on the internal workings than the tlog.

(Nathan Stephenson) #3

Here is the .bin file you requested. Thank you for taking a look at this! I am curious to see what you find! :smiley:2017-03-16 (3.7 MB)
I zipped the file to reduce size.

(Mike Boland) #4

It looks like you just ran out of power.
Your RCOU all max out just prior to you taking control, in fact they are running near max for most of the flight.

Underpowered, and there was nothing left for control, it was battling just to stay stable.