Compass type HMC5883 in Copter 4.0.0 (Tricopter frame)

After upgrading to 4.0.0 release, my i2c HMC5883 compass module no longer works, although it is prudently detected by AC. Trying to calibrate it in MP just doesn’t do anything; green bar won’t even appear.

Message log shows repeated ‘Compass not healthy’ messages too.

With ArduCopter 3.6.12 the compass works without problems.

EDIT: This is a Kakute-F7 AIO build

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OK, thanks for the report and I’ve added it to our 4.0.0 issues list. I suspect we’ve disabled the driver for the Kakutef7-aio but we will need to check and hopefully we can sort it out.

I recently updated to 4.0.0 on Kakute F7 which has a GPS/compass combo with QMC5883L magnetometer attached and it works.

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