Compass Setting In mission Planner


I have an X quad and this external compass : … plane.html the magnetometer is an hml5883l.

I doesnt manage to choose the correct settings in mission planner because these pages say opposite things : … ASS_ORIENT
opposite to … rformance/

So what is the correct setting ?? Wich axis should be forward ?

Any update on this? Have the same question myself. Getting there trial and error but…

If you got it working what setting did you use?

I am having a similar problem, I hope someone has any advice. As seen in the attached video when I turn the controller 360 the readings in compass test follows for 180 degrees, then it jumps back 180 and starts over.

If the HMC5883L is mounted on the top of the GPS/Compass module, then the compass rotation would be None in relation to an APM2.5/2.6 flight controller assuming that the X and Y coordinates are oriented correctly in relation to the front of the vehicle.