Compass orientation question

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Up until now I always installed my compass in the same orientation as my flight controller. Always with the white arrow pointing in the same direction. I assumed this was required. I’m wondering if this is still necessary. In my current build I can do my compass/gps wiring a lot neater if I install my compass perpendicular to the flight direction (and white arrow on my fc). So I guess my question is if I can install my compass in an orientation that suits me best?

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Of course, you only have to modify this ROTATION value. As you say you have it, you put it in NONE if you turn it by example 180º >> ROTATION_YAW_180

And if you are forced to rotate the FC, you also have the right parameter for it >> AHRS_ORIENTATION


Just to clarify, both of those parameters are respective to the nose of the vehicle?

The compass has to always place it in the most horizontal position possible >> nose orientation

The FC can place it in any position >>> any orientation

Sorry, I was asking if compass orientation is relative to general position (e.g. nose of the vehicle) or orientation of the AP. Let’s say, AP is oriented 90 degrees to the left, and compass is 90 degrees to the right relative to the nose. Would it be 270 degrees yaw for AP and 90 degrees yaw for compass of 270 and 180?

“If your external compass is in a non-standard orientation, you must manually select the orientation in the combo box (change from ROTATION_NONE). When externally connected the COMPASS_ORIENT option operates independently of the AHRS_ORIENTATION board orientation option.”

They are independent. >> 270° & 90°

When rotating your aircraft through all axes each of the compasses should move in the same direction.

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