Compass orientation problem + HUD


i have problem with orientation.
I have Pixhawk ( compas use in the unit ) on Go Explorer ( delta wing )
Mixing on elevons used with this:

Setup your transmitter with no elevon mixing
Set both RC1_REV and RC2_REV to 1 and ELEVON_MIXING to 0
Start by setting ELEVON_OUTPUT to 1. In later steps you may adjust this to 2, 3 or 4.
Put your APM into FBWA mode
Roll the plane to the right and observe what happens to the elevons
If the two elevons move in the same direction, then change ELEVON_OUTPUT to 2, and try again.
If the elevons move in opposite directions, but the APM is correcting the roll in the wrong direction (the left elevon is going down and the right one is going up) then change RC1_REV to -1
Next try pitching your plane up. If the elevons move in the wrong direction then change RC2_REV to -1
Now change to MANUAL mode and adjust your transmitter reversals for channels 1 and 2 to produce the right movement in MANUAL mode.

To make it work i have to set 90 degrees rotation in settings (in YAW). After that HUD start working incorrectly (it reversed in aileroils).

What am I doing wrong?

Sorry nyvltm but I don’t understand your post.
You have a delta wing with NO external compass and are using ELEVON_OUTPUT and following the configuration steps here: … evon-mode/

Are you saying you follow those instructions and it doesn’t work but when you set AHRS_ORIENTATION to Yaw90 it does start working?

Are you able to attach a dataflash log (.bin) and we might be able to figure out what’s wrong from that.

Thanks, Grant.