Compass offsets

I am trying to calibrate my 3DR ublox LEA-6H module after running the program and obtaining the samples which it saves, during the arming procedure I get the pre check failure “compass offsets to high”.
I have calibrated the unit in several different locations and obtained these results.
What are the compass offset limits and is there any way of resolving this issue.
My Running spec is as follows
Alien 550 frame
3DR Pixhawk on 3.1.4 arducopter
3DR ublox LEA-6H module on extended 16cm mast mount
Futaba 6208SB RX
Futaba 8FGS TX
Voltair PDB
4x hobbywing 30amp opto pro esc pre configured for multirotor
Pixhawk power module
3s 2200mah lipo
Sunnysky 2212 980kv

I believe that the maximum compass offsets, according to the MP, is +/-400

Thanks for the compass offset range.
So I can conclude the 3rd readings are the ones causing my issue.
Would that be the Z axis and if so,is there a way I can correct it

Problem solved.
My fault.Lesson learned.
make sure compass is plugged in to I2C and not CAN, as it can’t.
latest readings,