Compass Offsets High on Matek F405-STD

I upgraded my quadcopter to 4.3.0 and attempted to make a first flight after a severe crash. I recalibrated the compass and accelerometers before attempting to fly.

I am getting a “Compass Offsets High” error which I’ve never seen before. Looking at the params, I see my COMPASS_OF* values are -400, 1000 and -1500.

I have a carbon fibre frame with no metal anywhere apart from the motors and the compass is about 10cm from any power lines. The drone has flown fine previously with no compass errors.

In Mission Planner, the compass appears to be correct; I rotate the drone on my desk and the compass shows the correct bearing.

Should I worry about this error?

drone2.param (18.8 KB)


I would use Magfit to calibrate the compass and generate the motor interference coefficients.

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I have since discovered that the compass is broken. MP was showing a wrong heading in the HUD and in the calibration screen showed no compasses at all! No error messages about missing compasses though. :-S

I have replaced with an identical model which works fine although one of the calibration offset is -450 I think I can live with this for now.