Compass not working?

I have an APM2.8 ArduPilot Mega2.8 Flight Controller,
I use Mission Planner:
I managed to connect it to Mission Planner.
Then I proceeded to calibrate Accelerometer and no problem.
When moved onto the Compass something went wrong here =

When I try to calibrate the compass the 3D model never moves like it’s supposed to.
Am I doing something wrong or is my board not working properly? Feels like such a simple problem to be my fault, but that would be the first time I’m being blind.
Can you help me?

It will be difficult for you to get support for that Obsolete Flight Controller, You should replace it.

But, is the Compass connected to the port below the GPC connector (not the I2C port) and did you remove the jumper located to the right of the GPS port to enable an external compass.

Thanks for replying !!
I will send it back if I can’t figure out the issue, but I want to try everything I can first. Don’t want to waste time.

I thought it had a build-in Compass? I guess I’m making a mistake assuming it would have one. So there is no External sensor connected to the board.
The only things connected are 4 motors, receiver, battery, and the USB cable at the moment.

It does have a built in compass but they are generally useless from interference. You need an external one. But, put the jumper in for internal.

And screw terminals for ESC power is a bad idea. These need to be soldered connections.

But, you are wasting time with that board.

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One last thing:

There are 6 pins next to the GPS input socket.Where do I put the jumper in, which pins need to be connected to each other I mean.
I’m a bit confused.
Thanks again