Compass-less Operation GSF


Im using the GSF filter for compassless flight, and works great! I have to fly where a compass doesnt work for all the electro magnetic fields over the place.

Im only have one question about this:

-It say: Before arming, but after GPS lock has been obtained and EKF origin has been set and is “using GPS”, pick up the vehicle and walk around in a circle a few meters in diameter
I did that but the error still there (Requires Position) until I did an AltHold flight for a few seconds, and then I could use the Loiter Mode. So, Im not clear what method do I have to use to get the yaw, wich one is it, or a short flight or a wlak arround.

And thanks for this new compassless method!!

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Good morning,

It is difficult to say which method works better. We usually fly around first for making the GSF to converge, but we have achieved the same moving the drone around using a wheels car during ground testing. I would suggest you the flying method, try to make more aggressive velocity movements since the algorithm works using the velocity from the GPS, or if possible evaluate a different GPS depending on what you use. Also, if you make it converge moving around while on ground, you are under the risk that if you do not take off quickly, and the vehicle stays idle, it may diverge and you will need to move it around again.


Great that you’re trying out GSF. I think @sbaccam has probably spent more time testing out GSF than almost anyone else and I agree with his advice.

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we will do that way so, We hope this works great, our test were very good.
When do you think the 4.1Stable will be release? :slight_smile:


It is already in a Release Candidate phase, so it’s almost there. But it will only be released when it is done, and there is no exact date for that.

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