Compass Issues


I’m trying to get a PixHawk/APM 3.3.2 to work with an external compass.
Independently of the setting which compass should be used, the flight data window shows only the data of the internal one.
The live calibrations shows the data of both ones.

Any ideas?


Where are you plugging the compass into? Port under gps? And removed jumper next to the gps port,


I used the i2c-Port of the Pixhawk LITE.
But I think it can’t be a wiring problem since I see the independent movements of both compasses in the calibration view. Then if I complete the calibration process, I see the offsets of both compasses (low numbers for the external one, high numbers for the external). Then I remove the checkbox “use compass” on the internal one. When I go back to the flight data view, I only see the movements of the internal compass.