Compass issue

I seem to be having a Compass issue. Cannot work out how to fix it. Read a number of articles on the Arducopter website, Have done numerous compass calibrations. When testing in the field the compass appears to be pointing in the correct direction.

I am still this error in my log:
Test: Compass = FAIL - Large compass off params (X:-23.54, Y:-62.76, Z:-186.57)
Large compass offset in MAG data:
Z: -186.00
mag_field interference within limits (10.77%)

Whenever I connect to Mission Planner and go Initial Setup - Mandatory Hardware - Compass. The orientation is always selected to Manual ROTATION NONE. I am using a 3DR X8 with Pixhawk. Every time I click on the Pixhawk and then disconnect the X8 and reconnect it defaults back to Manual. Is this my issue and is there any way to fix this?

Hi mods, I think this is more of a hardware issue, rather than software issue. Can you change to the appropriate forum. Thanks