Compass is autodetected but also missing on setup (it worked with 4.0.7)

Hello Everyone!

I have a very strange issue with the 4.3.2. I use the Drotek Rm3100 as an external compass, and it was always working well with 4.0.7. But with the 4.3.2 it is detected in Mission Planner, but it is marked as missing.

Also whatever I do this screen always pops up when I open the compass settings even if I did not changed anything:

The HW ID looks like this which is strange since If Im correct, it should have the same info at COMAPSS_DEV_ID as the COMPASS_PRIO1_ID, right?

How it is possible that it detects the drotek but marks it as missing?

Is ther anything Im missing? All help is appriciated!

Same issue here. RM3100 on I2C connector, if there is my old Orange Cube (old firmware), it just works automatically. If I connect it to my new Orange Cube+ (new firmware) it marks the RM3100 as missing.

What do I need to config?