Compass Inconsistent

Today I replaced my old black Cube with a new Blue H7 Cube (Made in USA). Used the exact same hardware (flew it just last week), just swopped out the Cubes and flashed fw 4.0.7 (the black was still running 3.6.12).
So I went out to the field to perform the compass calibration (went smooth) but as soon as I reboot after calibration I get “Compass Inconsistent” messages and I can see the yaw slowly drift more than about 100° or so. It seems to eventually stop drifting (maybe 2 minutes later) and settles on some heading which is way off. Before the reboot it seemed to be okay and stable.

  • I have already done the accelerometer calibration and have a solid GPS fix when doing the compass calibration.
  • Disabled the internal compass, but the effect is the same, does not matter which Compass I select.
  • I tried re-calibrating about 5 times but made no difference.

This post over on CubePilot sounds almost exactly like my issue, but this guy used the PX4 firmware:

So maybe it’s a hardware issue? Or maybe some new parameter change that I am not familiar with. I saw COMPASS_AUTO_ROT which is new to me, but seems to work correct as the orientation match how the compass is installed.

Any ideas of what I can try next?

Post your parameter file. You didn’'t Write your old parameter file from the Cube Black right?

Nope, I manually edited the basics like the PID gains, etc.

Here is my current parameters:
paramsBlueH7_17-08-2021.param (18.9 KB)

So you have Compass 1 priority as the FC Internal Compass . In the Compass calibration screen re-prioritize the 2 compass’s.

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Thanks, I knew that I should use the external compass but somehow I missed double checking it. Strange that when I enabled only the external compass it did not seem to make a difference, must have been user error :slight_smile: Anyway, weather is not so great at the moment so I made a quick test indoors and looks already much better! Hopefully I can test it outside tomorrow morning. Thanks for your time!

A good tool from the Ctrl-F Menu is the decode HWID’s function. Enter the Compass device ID from your parameter file and if it says SPI bus it’s internal, I2C or CAN it’s external.

Jip, that solved it!
Took her to the field and she made her maiden flight on a new H7!
Thanks again!