Compass ID appearing twice

Hello, I have a Here 3 puck using UAVCAN which I only wish to use as a backup compass given that I am using a moving baseline GPS setup for my main yaw sensor. However the Here 3 compass is appearing in the compass page as both the 1st and 3rd compass despite the ID being the same. Any ideas where I have gone wrong with this? Many thanks.

Link to log here

I do not have this issue with ArduCopter 4.1.0 stable release

Well I shall be moving to 4.1.0 once it is released as a stable but until then I have to stick to 4.0.7- our authorities are not keen on ‘beta’ firmwares being run on flight controllers, even if the beta work is being done on non flight critical elements of the code.

4.1 is released to Stable now.
Set BRD_BOOT_DELAY,5000 then you should be able to get a much more consistent list of devices. Remove the missing and reorder as appropriate. You’ll probably be able to Use Compass 1 instead of 3.

Nice- will have a look. Thank you both.

So just updated to 4.1.0 and the problem persists. Any ideas?

Did you set the boot delay?

I did, well I thought I did but I must have forgotten to hit write. Doh! So having double checked etc, the issue is indeed solved. Thank you very much for your help @xfacta - really appreciated.