Compass heading wrong 90 degrees - pixracer - dont find COMPASS_TYPEMASK

Hello, I have a pixracer from arsovtec.
I found the topic a topic with QMC5883L driver. (
Now I wanted to disable the driver using COMPASS_TYPEMASK.
But I cannot find the parameter in MissionPlanner.
I´m using arducopter.

Best regards,

Hi Max,

The QMC driver isn’t included in Copter-3.5 so that shouldn’t be the reason for the heading being off by 90degrees (if you’re using Copter-3.5). I’ve just closed that issue because I think it’s resolved (in master). I am seeing issues with Rover occasionally showing it’s heading off by 180 degrees on startup but I think it’s a different issue and I’ve never seen it with any Copter firmware (3.5 or master).

I think it might be Calibration problem,You click on pixhawk if you calibrate it,It will set the first compass for the external compass,pixhawk2 and pixhracer have an internal HMC5983,if you not click pixhawk in missionplaner,may be Ok