Compass, GPS, IMU all failed at the same time


1.I connected pixhawk 2.4.8 with mission planner (morning time i saw sat count 7), in the evening when I went for flying it was showing 3-4 and compass related error was flashing ( compasses inconsistent ).

  1. I tested it outside in the open even then sat count was 4.

  2. After updating everything again, calibrating again did a test flight atl hold was amazing, then tested loiter ( for like 8mins it was rock solid ) after that suddenly it fell off from the sky.

  3. since then that gps isn’t working, when I connected another gps ( its not getting sufficient power.(only one dim RED light) otherwise that red light use to be very bright and blue flashes with it, but nothing.

  4. now that compass related issue and gps issue remains.

I have attached a log file, do have a look.

Pixhawk 2.4.8 + Readytosky M8N gps.

Log :

Sounds like power failure of the flight controller. The issue is that there is no such thing as Pixhawk 2.4.8 The Flight controllers named this are all cheap Chinese craps, created from the last 2.4.6 version by omitting half of the components and sourcing the remaining ones from questionable sources. The most dangerous modification is the power management of the board which is fully removed.

So there is no surprise that these FC’s are falling from the sky.
Sorry to say that but what you get is what you paid for.

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You are absolutely right.
I was observing the flight logs and figured out all the sensors gave up.
Compass, gps , imu.
Seems like a voltage fluctuation which killed it.

One thing which I was trying to figure out is, after harsh landing ( props broke ) , I did the CSC to disarm the motors but that didn’t happen. I had to unplug the battery to stop it.

I think that the FC with more than a half of it’s brain if fried, was not in the state when it understand and accepts stick commands…

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Thank you so much for your reply :blush:.

According to you is Pixhawk 4 ( holybro ) a reliable one ?
I have one, looks like a good one.

Do not update pix-hawk once calibrated just write parameter ,ardupilot is open so everyday there is bug this required to be fixed which change behavior for your modal . once new firmware launched take at-least 1 month wait and then update speaking after 9 pix-hawk damaged truly personal experience.

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Thank you for your response

9 of them oh man
But undoubtedly these 2.4.8 boards aren’t reliable at all.
Which ones you crashed ?