Compass Failure?

I was out flying my Iris today and when I brought it in I noticed some strange behavior. I didn’t think too much of it, but when I went to fly again I got a “PreArm: Check Mag Field” warning in Mission Planner.

After some digging I pulled the log from the last flight and discovered what seems to be a compass failure. I’m not too familiar with the hardware but it appears there are 2 compass’s and that’s it’s mag1 that’s having issues.

If I recall correctly there is a compass on the Pixhawk itself as well as one on the GPS unit. Does anyone know which compass mag1 is?

I have contacted 3DR and we’ll see what they say but if anyone has any ideas as to what may be happening or how I can fix it I would appreciate it.

Here is a link to the dataflash log (too big to attach):

Here is a screenshot of the issue:

As a follow up,

I received the following from 3DR:

[quote]Hello James.
Thank you for contacting Technical Support.

Would you mind trying calibrating the compass please? … te_Compass

Also please make sure that the orientation parameters on the compass are ok, check the pictures attached please.

  1. Go to the Initial Setup and select the Pixhawk Compass please
  2. Click YES
  3. Click YES
  4. Go to the CONFIG/TUNING tab and select Planner, check the Advanced View box
  5. Restart Mission Planner then go to the Config/Tuning page again, select Full Parameter List, on the right select Find and type ORIENT on the dialog box, click ok
  6. Make sure the parameters here are set to 0, write parameters

Hope this helps!

Have a Nice Day!
Francisco A.
[Technical Support Engineer][English-Spanish Support][/quote]

This solved my problem. I don’t know how the settings changed in mid air but at least the compass was working again.

Hi Francisco, this solved my problem, the Magnetic north now has stopped rotating and remains stable.
the strange thing is only that on reconnect the iris to MP the settings are switching back to Rotation_none and external GPS. But how i wrote above after performing the steps described the Magnetic north stopped to turn around like banana :unamused: