Compass fail, pixhawk radiolink

I can’t calibrate the compass, when I press start, even doing the movements, the calibration doesn’t start, the board is the pixhawk radiolink, I saw other people on the forum with similar problems, but they mention a STOP mode, which I couldn’t find inside of the software.

Which firmware?
Which firmware version?
Which mission planner version?
Connected via USB, or radio?
If radio what is the signal strength?

Antenna tracker, version 1.1, mission planner version1.3.7 7 with USB connection

Have you selected pixhawk1-1M variant? pixhawk1?

pixhawk 1, for being the pixhawk of radiolink, I’ve also tried to do the same as the video with the link below, but I didn’t get any result. Radiolink Pixhawk Flight Controller Firmware Update 4.0 or Above and Calibrate Compass - YouTube

I found out that it was the Mission Planner version, because version 3.77 can no longer calibrate the Pixhawk, you have to use version 3.71 to calibrate the pixhawk.