Compass East and West flipped?

I have an APM mini 3.1 on a quad, when I point the quad north mission planner says north and then south says south, but then when I point it east is says west and pointed west it says east. I can change the offsets to make things change but they change the whole scale together I cant find an option to flip east and west.
Any ideas?
Thanks, Dave

Orientation is upside down.
Select Roll 180.

Thanks Mike,
I tried that(AHRS_ORIENTATION), saved the settings and rebooted, and there was no difference, except now my horizon is flipped on the flight data screen, the sky is on the bottom. East and West are still backwards.

I got it Mike, thanks! I went back and changed AHRS_ORIENTATION back to none and went to compass settings and selected external then changed it there to roll_180 and now everything is good, thanks for your help and getting me on track!