Compass calibration rubbish

What is with this compass calibration routine its shitty to say the least i have onboard on the APM mini 3.1 and external on neo6m gps and neither will calibrate all i got is this stupid rotating axis with auto accept that never completes.

Surely there has to be a better way to calibrate a compass than this rubbish.

Sorry if i sound annoyed and pissed cos i am after 4 days of trying to get this to work, i want to be flying not buggering around with software that doesn’t work.

If anyone sees this can they explain what the consequences of disabling all the compass modules will be because I’m fed up with them and cant be asked with having a compass now.

A well calibrated compass is vital for almost all flight modes. For the calibration, it is necessary to gather as many data points as possible from all axis, hence the complex procedure.
Besides that, you are less likely to receive qualified replies when using aggressive and/or confrontational language and [color=#00BF00]the forum rules explicitly advise users to stay civil… Please keep that in mind for future posts![/color]
Finally, your problem might very well be caused by your using a low price, low quality derivative controller.
As for the consequences, please search for “toilet bowling”.

Thing is the compass calibration is a bit of a silly setup because you try going in rotation and circles with a USB lead attached to a PC.

Surely the compass setting could be setup from getting 7 to 8 locks on gps positions.

I will take your advice about calming down but to be honest this forum and are a bit dead.

Do you have a telemetry radio on it??. you can always try do the calibration with that connected to the APM…

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For the compass calibration the sensor needs data points from ALL axis, so just calibrating from GPS is not possible. The compass isn’t a normal compass like you know it. It’s a sensor that measures the magnetic field which can be influenced by many factors. One of the main reasons for the complex procedure is so that the sensor can figure out, what part of the field is actually the earth’s magnetic field and what is caused e.g. by a metal screw in your frame. You might understand that better when you look at another step, compassmot calibration, which measures the magnetic field caused by the power cables for the ESCs under load to compensate for that influence.

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