Compass calibration really weird result

Could someone test compass calibration of the external compass with last copter 3.5.4 and last mission planner? I’ve just try with 3 different pixracer they all have really absurd results. Using MP wizard with the “old globe” visualization 3 different Pixracer show a calibration done in a “2d line”, many times happening (this 2d path tracing) in a strange out of center position…but really I have so weird results.
Interesting the first time I’ve tryed with the third pixracer, the first compass calibration seem to works ok, drawing a correct 3d path around the globe, making a second one brings as the other 2 different pixracer build acts so wrong :astonished:

…after some more testing I’ve found something interesting!

I’ve restored to default all the parameters and the compass calibration on the wizard works again, made the calibration and MP says: “setting new offsets for compass #1 failed” as soon as this happen MP sets compass_DIAX around 442 or more (default 1). And this compass_DIAX its the cause of the weird compass calibration, the issue remain because I cannot made a succefull calibration, because also after resetting campass_DIAX to 1, after a good calibration MP says “setting new offsets for compass #1 failed” and so the weird tunnel happen again.
Is this happening to you? please check

P.S.: with an old version 1.3.43 this problem is not present !

Use onboard calibration.