Compass calibration procedures

I’ve upgraded to using APM planner v 2.0.17. I am trying to calibrate the compass.

When I click ‘Live Calibration’ I see a box giving me 1 minute to move the iris+ around all axis.

The calibration I get as a result is not usable - the iris+ cannot maintain a heading.

What I am not seeing is the compass calibration method in the 3dr video. In the 3dr video the technique is to move the iris+ around all axis and filling in a globe with dots. No time limit.

Is there an option that I am missing here? How do I get to the compass calibration method used in the 3dr video.

What you see in the Video is Mission Planner.

For APM Planner you don’t see the 3D view. You can still get a valid calibration by making sure you rotate the Iris is all axis. Ie. Rotate around rol, pitch and yaw by 360deg and you are good. I’ve tested result from AP2 and MP and they compare. Having the 3D or graphics view would be nice though.

You problem maybe due to compass interference from the motors, battery. You can fix that by doing a Motor Compass Calibration.

It is good to know that the process between AP2 and MP is the same. Only the graphics are different.

Thank you for the response.

Well I’m battling a compass calibration problem with one of my Iris+. Mission Planner locks up after only 6 samples ??? Also won’t hold calibration using APM Planner either ??? I’m going to try to reload all the parameters, and see what happens. :unamused:

Try the latest version of APM Planner 2.0.18-rc1