Compass calibration problems. Hardware?

First of all apologies for my english,

I am trying to start my pixhawk 2.1 and I have a lot of problems calibrating the compass and the accelerometer. I connect the controller via usb and I do the calibration correctly but every time it ends with the offsets it asks for the calibration again. Sometimes the calibration of the compass also gives an initial error. I try to download the logs but I also do not get anything. I do not know if the controller may have a hardware problem. I enclose some screenshots.

Don’t use the Wizard. Go to the Compass Calibration screen in Mandatory Hardware and perform an Onboard mag Calibration. Same for Accel calibration, from the Mandatory Hardware screen.

The terminal is not used for log download. From the Flight data screen select the DataFlash Logs button iunder the HUD and download from there.

Thank you Dave, I’m a newbie and I’m confused with a lot of things. I’ve just calibrated the compass and now I know how to download the logs.

Thank you very much. I will continue advancing…