Compass calibration or frame type error?

Using a Holybro Pixhawk 6x with RPi CM4 Baseboard. External GPS is from a pixhawk 4 based S500 kit where it had no issues. I did a quick first flight and noticed that the pitch control felt backwards, but all radio settings seem correct. This morning I happened to notice that the orentation on the data screen seemed to indicate it was set up as a + (plus) configuration not X. Only thing I found was that the external compass shows Yaw270 Orentation, but it is not actually set that way. I’m wondering what I should do? Replace the GPS, reorient it to actually be 90º off from forward or a setting on the GPS itself? I tried resetting the compass orentation to “none” but after recalibrating it went back to Yaw270 again.

BTW I have a Here 2 GPS on a hexacopter but it has a different connector and I’d rather not tear it apart.

That’s the correct orientation for that compass/GNSS unit, leave it how the calibration routine set it.

" COMPASS_ORIENT=6 (Yaw270) for proper compass orientation" from the Holybro website

Frame Class and Frame type are 1 and 1 for Quad X.

Is there an actual problem or you were just concerned about that orientation? The Quad X frame symbol on screen might not be completely truthful, but I’ve always seen Quad X symbol for a Quad X.

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I’m not sure what an incorrect frametype setting would do to actual behavior. Here’s what happend: on the first flight, in loiter mode just to see if it will get off the ground, it felt like the pitch control was backwards (push the right stick forward, aircraft moves backward and vice versa, but I can’t say I was paying close enough attention to it to say for sure it was 100% fore/aft and it was pretty unstable overall for sure needing a good tune, and a little windy too). At first I thought I just had the radio reversed (and that’s still on the table, first time setting up an OpenTX transmitter), but I checked all the places I’d expect to find the radio controls like the calibration page, and they all seem like the correct/normal setting. So while checking everything I could and getting ready for tuning I noticed the alignment on the map looks like it is set up as a + configuration not X, but settings are as shown in the pic.

Mostly trying to filter out the build issues, and make sure they’re not bigger problems. I’ve done builds before (this frame started out as a Pixhawk 4, and I have an orange cube hex and a green cube Solo) but first time with a Tarranis Q7 transmitter (a very big learning experience itself -Herelink is so easy in comparison), mavlink and Raspberry Pi, and now this.

The transmitters pitch channel is backwards compared to what arducopter expects.
Reverse the pitch channel in the transmitter for that “model”.

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