Compass calibration - New screen? Takes forever

Hi all,

I am trying to recalibrate the compass of my Pixhawk using Mission Planner, I used to get a screen where I had to flip the copter on every axis during 60 seconds as explained here … padvanced/

But now, when I want to calibrate the compass it shows this screen … jQ/Compass calibration.jpg?psid=1
When I flip the copter it gets samples as usual except that it always says “more data needed”, I went up to 12000 samples and still… "more data needed"
If I click done I get an error where it says “log does not contains enough data”

I can’t calibrate my compass anymore and my Y6 is flying very badly, toilet bawl effect etc.

Could someone help me to understand either how to get the normal calibration screen back or if this is a new screen, where can I get informations about it? especially how many samples do I have to get?

I updated the last firmware on my 3DR Y6 right now and my mission planner version is 1.3.3, I updated to 1.3.5 and I still get the same screen (I didn’t try to get 12000 samples again though)

Thank you very much for any help

please update to the latest MP. there where some bugs in previous versions

Hi tank you,I just calibrated the compass successfully as I found also this page … %3A1668514

Thank you for your help