Compass calibration issues (CUAV V5+ and NEO V2 Pro), Plane 4.0.6

Hi All,

I’m having some compass calibration issues with my CUAV V5+ and NEO V2 Pro. Calibration resets several times, but eventually finishes (MissionPlanner 1.3.74). Compass health seems fine during a VTOL_TAKEOFF, but pegs to 1.0 as soon as the transition and turn to fixed-wing takes place.

I attempted to calibrate and fly with a second NEO V2 Pro, but didn’t want to force arm past the “UC: Duplicate Node org.ardupilot…/116!” error that was thrown. The GPS/Compass is Node 116. I assume its serial number or other unique ID was registered with the flight controller and it was upset that a different ID was broadcast as node 16.

What do you all think? Do I have a defective magnetometer?

Flight log and associated paramters are here.

Using a single compass