Compass calibration in 3.5.0. - My new method

After what seems like several hundred calibrations using Dennis Baldwin’s splendid method of calibration I found it didn’t work in 3.5.0.And as I was wrestling with a 960 hexacopter I found this the new easiest method by accident so thought I’d share it.Mainly to see if anyone has a simpler method.But it’s repeatable and fairly user friendly.

I did get interrupted by the local psycho all white cat but he wasn’t impressed and wandered off again.He does attack frst and ask questions later so it could have been tricky.



Approved! I like it.
No 960 here but will work great with my 680pro

Yep.It should do.I’ll miss Dennis’ excellent simple method but that’s the way the code goes I guess.I’ll give it a go on my 680 as I don’t have any flying weather (for autotuning) for a while.