Compass Calibration error

I’m facing problem with compass Calibration. After calibrating it shows pop-up box with message “please reboot the autopilot”. How to reboot autopilot?

Remove power. ie unplug the USB,& battery.

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No that won’t work still the copter when takes off would turn upside down, it won’t fly steadily

Jhanvi, Welcome!
Please, give more information about your setup and post a log. If you post a log you will get answers if you do not no one can help you accurately.

Did you rotate the FC when you calibrating the compass? After the calibration you will need to remove all the power supply and re-connect the power and the usb, go to compass calibration page the there is three green number then calibration is fine, if not, It require recalibration

Yes I did rotate the FC along with compass but still same error . Can you add more highlight on three green numbers which and where are they!?

After reconnecting it again asks for calibration with same error please reboot the autopilot!

open the compass calibration page, you will see a three compass and orientation setup there are three number you will see

Please provide more delails.
post a photo of your setup.
which FC ?
which frame? ,motors?..etc
How is your external compass (GPS) mounted ?
Without details, it is guesswork !

Pixhawk FC , compass is directly connected to pixhawk. I have used servo motors . I’ll get u the picture of my drone !

This motors are used

Am also having same issue with the compass calibration it tells me to reboot after which it clears the setting am lost