Compare Vibrations

Have spent some time today testing my new quad (with pix cube) and using vibe and clip to see how the vibrations are. Also tried the IMU batch sampler to check vibe frequencies.
I tried to compare this with a similar copter I had one year ago with a pixhawk1. This older copter had lots of vibration isolation on motors, arms and FC. I thought the old system should be much better. First check, this seemed to be true but IMU2 on the pixhawk2.1 seems to be ultra sensitive and giving pessimistic readings. When I try to compare without IMU2 it seems my new copter is slightly better vibration, even though FC is screwed on firm. I tried to cut and paste pics of both logs to compare but this is quite difficult and time consuming.

Is there a way to simply (or even not simple) a way to compare 2 vibe logs from different times (and possibly different pixhawk types) to see if design change has improved vibration?