Companion Computer Survey (16-23 May 2020)

Hi Everyone,

I’m running a small survey of the usage of companion computers in the ArduPilot community.

It’ll take less than 10 minutes to complete.

Even if you don’t use a companion computer, please respond (it’ll take less than 5 seconds) so we have an idea of what proportion of users are or are not using companion computers.

The results of sections 1 and 2 of the survey will be published online so developers in our community can focus their efforts accordingly. Sections 3-4 I’ll be using to narrow down options for a successor to my Pi-Connect board.

The survey is at

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Ok i filled it. What are u trying to developed?

Ok , some informations?

I’d previously done a small production run of this board: What I want to figure out is which companion computers people are using in their ArduPilot vehicles, so I can design around that.

I have seen your product. Its a nice add on.

For newbies into Rasberry pi development, i see need for GUI based software for sure (unless one out there already). Such as check software for PLCs. One awesome software.
I am sort of new to Rasberry pi hardware. I can give you some feedback what could be useful down the road.

Hi Stephen,
From an intergradors perspective, I really don’t know whats the best right now!!
For sure the Pi’s rule the DIY world, cause of simplicity, many things work out of the box and it’s cheap as hell.

On the other hand:
-Zeros are small enough to fit everywhere but when you run a cam stream, 2-3 mav streams and a Vpn, you run out of cpu for let’s say some dronekit Goodies.
-Pi3b was the king, you could easily remove all the headers and USB housings ending up with a 17gr CC
-Pi3b+ is the same but you can’t unsolder anything unless you need to find a way to pass a life sentence
-Pi4 has tons of muscles! Your rpanion how to gets compiled in 7 to 10 minutes! You don’t even care to burn an image. And can handle almost everything like mavros, streaming, Vpn, dronekit at the same time… but men… it’s heavy “and now comes the million dollar point”, it doesn’t have HDMI in to stream nor can handle ML or anything cuda based.
-jetson nano, Xavier etc. Are super for guys that want to play with AI, cuda etc and for mazohists like me that want to compile everything from scratch to make it work. In the meantime their CPU is the same if not worst than a Pi4 and still don’t have HDMI in.
-odroid, banana pi, orange pi, are better or worst alternatives of Pi’s, with the same pros and cons.

  • finally, we have the imx series like the one in 3dr solo… HDMI in, plenty of power to work with… Nothing to work out of the box unfortunately…

That’s my findings and what I have played so far. I hope your survey show some more ideas or new toys that we can all play with.

Best regards,

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