Companion Computer Failsafe

Is there way to setup failsafe for companion computer in case of CC errors and totally disconnecting from FC? So that FC will perform a failsafe action. If not, any additional advice is welcome.

Probably a GCS failsafe, because I think a companion computer is the same as a ground station to the flight controller

@Vabe, yes that is the way to go.

But I don’t think GCS Fs will work for both connection at the same time

Test it and tell us how it went.

I have tried in simulation. Established two connections from gcs and dronekit. In order to engage the failsafe situtation, both connections must be disconnected. Otherwise, AP does not detect any link loss.

What is your topology? If the Fc is connected to your esc/servos then IT is the last item in the link and the fc is the thing that needs to detect a failsafe condition if CC coms is lost.
The way im doing it, is flight controller failsafe on gcs timeout. And the connection goes GCS - CC - FC, so any failure in the link will drive a failsafe RTL

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