Compact camera for Pixhawk PX4

I am looking for a compact camera that will interface via USB to my Pixhawk PX4 running v3.3.3 firmware. I am also running Mission Planner 1.3.41.
What I require is a camera that will interface with the PX4 via USB for camera shutter control, and if possible to get ‘live view’ out for FPV.
Any suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks in advance.

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You shouldn’t connect anything to USB while flying. ArduPilot assumes that if USB is connected you are in your desk.

Interesting comment, however, I don’t think I made my question clear enough. Many Canon DSLR’s are controlled via their USB ports for shutter triggering. The shutter being activated by closing a contact. the PX4,as I’m sure you know, has a camera triggering function, where the RC ports are pulled low to to fire the shutter. It is this that I am looking for in a compact camera. I have no intention of trying to connect a camera USB to the PX4 USB port: I know that would be a disaster!
So, my question remains open for suggestions.

We are using the Sony Alpha 5000 and 6000 with good results.
Camera trigger requires one of the many camera trigger leads that plug into the micro USB on the camera.
My preference is Gentled but there are many others.
Video out is just a matter of connecting the video cable provided with the camera or hacking and old USB cable.
Hotshoe feedback is used for precise trigger points.

Thank you Mike. The Sony may be just I’m after.
Is this link what you refer to for USB connectivity?
I see that there are several types, could you please tell me which one you use? It would also be very useful to know exactly how you use the hot shoe for trigger points. Being new to this a NY help would be most welcome.

The GentWire is one I have used with success.
Both the USB and the Focus will work.
We are also using this with success on a MikroKopter with Sony a6000.

The HotShoe provides feedback to the FC to enable logging of EXACTLY when the camera is triggered.
At present we are using a high precision RTK GPS from Septentrio that has a hot shoe connection and does it’s own internal logging.
Pixhawk is also able to log trigger signals from a hotshoe.

Hi mike,
Thank you, this is great. It seems that the GentWIRE Focus is the one. This
is also compatible with my Olympus OM-D E-M1. So, I think I will buy one
for the Oly to try. Indeed, if this proves positive I may fly my hex with
the Oly, especially if I get video out too.
Do you use multicopters professionally?