Communication pixhawk and arduino

Hello Friends,

I need some advice for my next project.

What is the best way to send commands to pixhawk from arduino? And get information about the current state(speed, real direction, set direction) from pixhawk?

I want to steer, accelerate, brake, switch between modes with physical buttons and potentiometers.

Signals from buttons, potentiometers will go to arduino and after arduino will send signal to pixhawk.

Pixhawk will send the telemetry information to arduino, arduino will light up indication LED and turn the direction arrow with the servo mounted in the old compass. So I will know which direction we are going now and which direction is set when I change direction.

I will use an old Deutz tractor from the 60s and I want to keep the old style on the dashboard. The autopilot control board will have old style buttons and switches.


There is a forum post about it.