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Communication error when starting sitl

I have managed to install cygwin, MAVProxy and to get airsim running on Unreal Engine, and have also been able to use MAVProxy to control a drone on Airsim. I wanted to use a different board configuration and change the physics a little bit, so I imported a new ardupilot folder and rebuilt the project. However, when I run the SITL command on cygwin ,it results in [WinError 10061] No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it sleeping, as shown below. I also tried changing the udpip to, but it still displayed the same error. Could someone please help me with this issue?

Hi, i have the same Problem!
Do you found some solutions?

Its not exactly a permanent solution but I did figure something out. Disable firewall, and in your settings.json, if the default IP address doesn’t work for LocalHostIP and UdpIP, set them to
In some cases it does manage to open the MAVProxy, Console and Map, but the software running airsim(such as UE4) gets frozen. In this instance you may have to wait for up to 5 minutes if it doesn’t start running. If that happens, make sure your Graphics memory or your RAM isn’t too close to being full.

Hi and thanks for your reply!
The solution for my problem was to start the situation and mavproxy separately from one other. Because the simulation takes more time to start as mavproxy. And mavproxy got time out in this time.

Oh alright. So do you mean to start the airsim simulation first and then start mavproxy?

Yes, at first start the simulator with the parameter - - no-mavproxy. When the simulator started ready, then you can start mavproxy in the separate terminal with the same parameters like it done if you were started mavproxy with simulator together.

Oh okay, I tried this out but I still get that error sometimes. After starting the simulation without mavproxy, did you start mavproxy using something like cygwin/WSL/some similar environment, or did you open MAVProxy directly from your system?

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