Communication Error (sysid1 compid1)

At the risk of getting banned on my first post, I am going to ask this question here because it’s proper board doesn’t get much traffic.

I have a APM2.6 using the latest firmware 3.1.0. I am connecting my plane to laptop via 3DR 915mhz radios (2.0). I am using MP although the results are the same in APMPlanner2. I can connect and communicate fine with the APM via USB direct.

The issue is that even though the radios pair when they are powered up, I can not connect using the CONNECT Mavlink button. When I do attempt to connect I get stuck at the message “Getting Params (sysid1 compid1)” then it fails. While this message is displayed the MP is receiving telemetry from the APM in the background, although that stops at “Connect Failed”. Interestingly enough, when I use the 'Control" command I can receive telemetry fine… however, none of the configuration/tuning screens will populate.

I have read all the links on this forum that I can find related to this issue and have not found one where it was resolved. Any help would be appreciated. I have contacted 3DR support, but have not heard back from them. Thank you for any help.

I have managed to get it working and have discovered my problem, it was my fault and I will post the results to help anyone else who maybe made the same mistake.

I inadvertently grabbed a 6v battery. I hope I haven’t hurt anything else, so far I can not confirm that I have, but with the 4.8v battery everything works perfectly.