Communication between companion computers

I want to set up a network between multiple companion computers to allow UAVs flying in a swarm formation communication so position and velocities can be more linked up and a closer formation achieved. Any ideas?

Hi Paan
It depends on your control methodology. Do you want them to act like a swarm (share decision making) or just communicate like a swarm?

To achieve swarm communication look into wif/telemetry mesh networking (like 802.11s), serval, Batman, openmesh OpenWRT etc.

You’ll probably need to get that working first before you get to swarm computing, as the network performance will dictate what processing needs to be done where.

If your goal is only to achieve tighter tolerances in flight, then a single point of control with high positional update rate will suffice. Currently only visual acquisition can achieve the positional accuracy required, so it’ is likely to be limited in range and application. This methodology would function similar to an orchestra, where the conductor leads the individual musicians, and likewise the single point control manages the group performance and position, but each drone flies itself. Research ETZH for more.

Thanks Jeff. I’ve got swarm communication started, and now I am trying to have the followers in the swarm match the leaders ground speed. I’ve tried using the MAV DO CHANGE SPEED command but it seems to do nothing with the plane in GUIDED mode. I’ve been doing this using Dronekit’s built in vehicle.groundspeed function which calls mav do change speed. Any advice? Thanks