Communication- Add Link Issue - Mac

hi all,
I have been using APM Planner 2.0 for a little over a month with a RTF Quad i bought without issue and then all of the sudden it stopped connecting. after lots of failed attempts i got out my old PC and loaded up mission planner and was able to connect without issue.

Recently i have been building a quad with an ardupilot 2.6 and was having the same issue with same results in 2.0. With all of the attempts i started to notice something happening with the Communication drop down. I started to notice that every time i restarted the software that there would be an additional link available in the drop down. so i would delete the links and discovered if i deleted them all and added a new one i could connect to the board.

it turns out though that every time i quit the software and start it back up all of the old links are there again and i have to delete them all and add a new one to get it to connect. this keeps adding a link to delete later and the list is getting longer each time i open the application.

any ideas what could be happening? ScreenShot attached.

i have a Macbook Pro running 10.9.4
APM Planner v2.0.14

Thank You.
[attachment=0]apm2screencom copy.png[/attachment]


can you post the log.txt file from ~/apmplanner2/ (you will need to zip the file to attach it to the post.

Also can you post the “~/.config/com.diydrones/APM Planner.ini” as well.

The simple quick fix would probably be to go into terminal and type

This will reset the settings for the app (it won’t effect any saved missions or logs etc…)

Hope you can help by posting the logs, if not I hope the suggested fix works.


i haver attached the log.txt as well as a screen shot of the folder it is in. there are other logs in there. im not sure if this is normal but i included them anyway.

[attachment=2]apm2 file tree copy.png[/attachment]

im not exactly sure how to get the .ini file you requested. typing into the terminal returned nothing and i ran a search on my system and it came up with nothing.

I then typed in what you recommend and it didn’t appear to do anything but when i restarted APM 2.0 it appears to of reset everything.

from terminal:
Thayers-MacBook-Pro:apmplanner2 thayerhealey$ ~/.config/com.diydrones/APM Planner.ini
-bash: /Users/thayerhealey/.config/com.diydrones/APM: No such file or directory
Thayers-MacBook-Pro:apmplanner2 thayerhealey$ rm ~/.config/com.diydrones/APM\ Planner.ini
Thayers-MacBook-Pro:apmplanner2 thayerhealey$

with the software reset i connected the first time but each time afterwards im getting the same issue. I have attached the log since the reset and after a few attempts to connect as well. [attachment=0][/attachment]

thank you.

if you want to see the file in Finder you can select Finder, then select Go To Folder from the Go menu. If you enter ~/.config you will see the ini file.

Files beginning with . are ignored by the Spotlight search and hidden by finder by default.

if you type in Terminal

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE killall Finder

It will then will show hidden files. Just change it to FALSE to revert back

[There’s a GUI program called Onyx that does a lot of these ‘tricks’]

I’ll try to get to look at the logs tomorrow. Thanks

.ini and logs attached.

Thank you

I don’t see anything strange, yet. Could you do the following.

  1. Start APM Planner 2.0.14
  2. Close APM Planner2.0.14

then send me the log.txt file

You could try the new beta release by going to Config/Tuning and Select APM Planner 2.0 Config button. You then see a check box to ‘Enable Beta Release Updates’

You should then be prompted to install a new version. This may or may not fix the issue, but it would be good to make sure its not already been fixed.


I realized that i had reset everything just before sending you the ini. i have added a couple links and deleted them to replicate the issue. now when i open the application it is doing what it was doing before so hopefully the attached logs have something in them that is useful now.

I will try the beta release tonight to see if that corrects the issue.


This is an issue and needs to be fixed. The only way currently to remove a link is to edit the amp planner2.ini or delete that file.

see to track when it is fixed

updating to the beta release did not correct this issue. Same results.

It won’t work as it’s not implemented to remove a link. I’ve done part of the fix, it will be completed next week :slight_smile: