Communicating between Pixhawk and Arduino Uno

For a uni project a group of us are building a fixed wing plane (therefore are using ArduPlane) and hooking up some IR cameras from the Nintendo Wii remote to find IR hotspots whilst flying.

We are using an Arduino Uno to control the IR cameras so that when a hotspot is found it will tell us. This code works and we are currently developing it to work for 3 IR cameras.When the camera has picked up a hotspot we would like to communicate this to the Pixhawk so that it can relay the coordinates of the hotspot back to our ground station (a laptop).

The problem we are having is getting the Arduino to communicate with the Pixhawk and the code which we would use to execute what has been said above.

Has anyone done this or a similar thing before and could suggest a way to go?

Ross K

What interface were you planning to use to interface between the Pixhawk and your Uno? We’ve successfully been able to use the Serial 4/5 UART connection on the Pixhawk to communicate with a Beaglebone Black on a project I’m currently working on. The mods we made to the APM code to use Serial 4/5 should be the same to get it talking to an Uno.

You also could use the I2C or SPI on the Pixhawk. We haven’t tried those, so I wouldn’t have any advice on getting it working for you.

Where can I find the code for the arduino and for the pixhawk.

In other words what are the commands I should write on arduino and on the pixhawk (in which file)
in order to communicate between them ?