Hello everyone!

I’m having problem to connect mission plane and mavlink.

First of all I’ll write about the enviroment: I’m using win10, python 3.7, mavproxy 1.8.50, mission planner, dronekit 2.9.2, dronekit-sitl 3.3.0, pymavlink 2.4.29 and anoter plugins to load the drone simulation.

Now I’ll tell the problem: when I started the dronekit-sitl, mavproxy and the mission planner; after run the python code the drone simulation starts to make pre arm procedure, get armed, but, after some seconds - when the takeoff should start, it’s starts to disarm (it doesn’t keep armed more than 3 seconds), and don’t get any height gain.

And when I see the console it appears: command_ack:do_set_mode:unsupported and command_ack:do_set_banner:unsupported.

What is this and how to solve it?

tnx for reading :slight_smile: